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We made personal styling easy for everyone

Fill out your style profile and get recommendations with 5-pieces outfit selected by professional stylist especially for you just for 290 AED. Preview the items online and order what you like.

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    Women and men updated their wardrobe with us
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How It Works?

1. Fill out your style profile
Just 5 minutes of your time and professional stylist will select the items based on your lifestyle, preferences, sizes and shapes and budget.
2. Get Outfit and preview online
Our stylist sends you personalized styling report with 5-pieces outfit in 4 hours with direct links on the items and professional advice in a messenger.
3. Just order what you like
Preview the items online and choose what you like to checkout. Order selected items via direct links. Get delivery from our verified partner-retailers.
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Get ready-to-go outfits selected by our stylists from
over 18 000 brands
"Shopping is an integral part of life that takes a lot of time, effort and money. But what if you completely forget about what shopping is and just open your closet every day and immediately put on the right look? This is not the future, but today's reality with Get Outfit." — COSMOPOLITAN
  • Saving time
    Don't waste your time on shopping—get your ready-to-go personalized outfits from over
    18 000 fashion brands
  • Best price
    We compare and find the best items for you based on your preferences from millions items of well-known retailers
  • Sustainable
    Less unnecessary items and impulsive purchases—more options of outfits that fit and look well
  • Smart
    We create perfect wardrobe where all items match with each other—feel good in every occasion

What can I expect?

Sarah is building a career in marketing and got promotion several weeks ago. She likes to experiment with style and is open to new things. She prefers usually to be elegant and classic, but trendy, while remaining a professional. She loves finding authentic accessories when she travels and always ready to try new with a professional stylist.

Chosen Plan: Get Outfit Plus
According to Sarah's preferences, a perfectly matching professional stylist Jess was selected, who compiled a styling report out of 5 outfits with personalized tips and tricks for future clothing choices.

Sarah's final choice and order:
Comme Des Garçons
2 179 AED
Roberto Collina
907 AED
Valentino Garavani
9 950 AED
Jimmy Choo
1 878 AED
Senior brand manager
By Alona
277 AED
Amir is a visionary entrepreneur. He moved to Dubai 2 years ago to transform the whole industry. Amir is building a tech startup with a talented team. He works up to 12 hours per day to succeed. Amir doesn't like the tedious shopping process, but he usually likes to look modern and stick to a style that reflects his out-of-the-box thinking.

Chosen plan: Get Outfit Basic
According to Amir's preferences, a perfectly matching professional stylist Elizabeth was selected, who compiled a styling report with outfit out of 5 items with 2 alternative items personalized tips and tricks for future clothing choices.

Amir's final choice and order on Farfetch:
505 AED
AMI Paris
260 AED
AMI Paris
159 AED
Thom Browne
3 139 AED
Maria Black
664 AED
Aliya is the owner of a marketing agency. She doesn't have free time and the calendar is filled with appointments. It is important for her to look like a professional and stylish. She prefers minimalism and comfort in clothes.

Chosen Plan: Get Outfit Go
According to Aliya's preferences, a perfectly matching professional stylist Sarah was selected, who compiled a styling report out of 5 outfits with personalized tips and tricks for future clothing choices.

Aliya's final choice and order on Farfetch & Namshi:
679 AED
449 AED
459 AED
199 AED
Business women
2 500 AED
What our customers say about us
Business Women
“Wow. I didn't expect that you’ll create that capsule in that style. It’s something interesting and I'm definitely should order it. Looks trendy and modern for me.”
 Product Owner in Retail
“So that means I’ll receive new outfits next time? Sorry for I’m typing you late, it's just that I have a good impression and it seems that I will never go to the shopping mall again. I’ve just made an order. Love this outfit!”
“It’s a great idea of your product. I was looking forward this styling report. It was interesting to see how I can look from the stylist's point of view. I like this colours. I want to try on. I had some thoughts to try this type of trousers with blazer but I didn’t dare to do that.”
Senior Marketing Manager
“When I've seen your service I wanted to try. I love my style but it’s a great to have an option to get another opinion about how I can look. Love idea of your startup. I must to go to the office in this outfit. Next time I’ll order Heat to analyze my current wardrobe.”
"It's very nice. Well-oriented and very understandable. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation in which it makes it easier to connect the dots."

More than 1 500 people have already tried Get Outfit

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Does the price of the plans include the cost of clothes?
No. Price for the plans includes just a stylist fee. The items you pay separately on the websites of our partners. We select the items based on your filled style quiz in a comfortable budget that you define for each category of wardrobe in our style quiz.
How much is the clothes?
You purchase clothes, shoes and accessories at the prices of the largest well-known online stores (Farfetch, Ounass, Net-A-Porter, Namshi, Zara, H&M, Shein etc.) via direct link provided by our stylists. We do not make extra charges, and during the sales period discounts are saved. Your loyalty programs works too.
Personalized selection based on your preferences, sizes and shapes, budget. Your perfect wardrobe starts from your first outfit.